Hunter Mackenzie Book Series By Author F G Laycy

The Day Of Reckoning Hunter Mackenzie Series Book 2 

A list holding the names of banned terrorists and organisations who threaten the world’s security is considered every week for amendment by the Prime Minister and six men; never more, never less. 

A name is added, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

Heroin is worth billions a year to the drug lords, and its power is growing.

Captain Hunter Mackenzie is the British Government’s most deadly secret weapon. 
The ex-special forces, British Army Captain, is tasked with heading up Group Four and Operation Reckoning. 
The mission; Stop the drugs from spreading and prevent the next spate of terrorist acts.

The dark and shifting world of politics and government agencies hides many secrets that must remain concealed no matter how many are murdered..

By Author: F G Laycy   -   Release Date: 2018  -  Ebook £3.49  -  Paperback £8.99


By timeonherhandson - 3 November 2017 

The author has obviously done her homework here - there’s a lot about the goings on in Russia after the break up of the Soviet Union. Much of the action is written in the present tense, which makes the reader feel more involved. Which of the characters exists in real life? - maybe all of them do. The story keeps you guessing and is full of surprises - I enjoyed it!